1 Exposure of Dataspace Protocol Versions

Connectors implementing the Dataspace Protocol may operate on different versions. Therefore, it is necessary that they can discover the supported versions of each other reliably and unambiguously. Each Connector must expose information of at least one Dataspace Protocol Version it supports. The specifics of how this information is obtained its defined by specific protocol bindings.

A Connector must respond to a respective request by providing a JSON-LD object containing an array of supported versions with at least one item. The item connects the version tag (version attribute) with the absolute URL path segment of the root path for all endpoints of this version. The following example specifies that this Connector offers version 1.0 endpoints at <host>/some/path/v1.

    "@context": "https://w3id.org/dspace/2024/1/context.json",
    "protocolVersions": [
            "version": "1.0",
            "path": "/some/path/v1" 

This data object must comply to the JSON Schema and the SHACL Shape.

The requesting Connector may select from the endpoints in the response. If the Connector can't identify a matching Dataspace Protocol Version, it must terminate the communication.

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