2. Define your use case

This page provides you with an overview of the current use case applications within IDSA, to guide you through the submission process of use cases and introduces the opportunity to look for potential implementation partners.


IDS use cases show how our research applies to real life. They are examples and success stories that show what one can achieve by putting theory into practice. Therefore, defining your use case is important, since it provides the blueprints to build your success story, helps you realize the possible outcomes, stakeholders, but also, requirements and needs that may be encountered. Not just this, but most importantly, defining your use case shows the clear goals you are going for and provides other players with an example of how to apply IDS tools. We need data spaces, since they are the field where the players that make these use cases happen to come together. Data spaces are the incubators for use cases and success stories. This section aims to support you in defining the use case of your components, but also to get an overview of what is happening in the IDSA and where possible touchpoints for you might be. For this, some relevant links and resources are provided below:

Best practices

You can find examples of our success stories and best practices in the Data Spaces Radar. You might utilize the Data Spaces Radar in two ways. Either you identify the most promising data spaces where you would like to connect to or, you get inspired and place your own use case in the Data Spaces Radar!


▶️ Find the Data Spaces Radar here

▶️ The Data Spaces Radar Report, with more detailed insights into the world of our data spaces can be found here

▶️ Joining the Data Spaces Radar with your own Use Case/Data Space can be done by filling out our registration form. You can find it here.

▶️ Position Paper: A deeper understanding of our mission and goals, especially in relation to other initiatives, standards, and tools can be found in our various position papers which can be found here.

▶️ The Data Cooperation Canvas can help you getting an overview of your current situation in data cooperation. Have a look here.

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