How to contribute to IDS Knowledge Base?


Dear IDS supporter, thank you for considering contributing to "the IDS Knowledge Base". It is your active participation and your specific knowledge that we are looking for.

The IDS Knowledge Base is meant as a lean guide that leads developers through their way to develop or implement IDS components. It is meant as a compilation of important resources and links, linked by concise but brief explanations provided by IDS experts (such as you?). You can contribute in many ways. For example, you might:

  • Add content to already existing sections

  • Improve existing content

  • Extend the existing topics with additional ones

  • tbc.

Ground Rules

No long stories are needed for the documentation. Only relevant links to helpful resources or material are the aim of this documentation, enriched with some background information, explaining, why you are doing what step while creating IDS components.

Please consider the following rules:

  • keep it as short and simple as possible

  • provide links to respective sources when possible, instead of reproducing content form other pages

  • provide background information (one or two sentences) when adding links

  • create issues when something is misisng (or wrong) in your opinion

  • tbc.

How to Suggest a Feature or Enhancement?

Open a new issue to for any kind of suggestion

  • Additional content

  • Additional section

  • Corrections

  • Missing or wrong content detected

roadmap, goals, or philosophy for development


Review Process



Do not hesitate to have a look at the IDS-G and other IDS repositories, where contributors have already published their ideas.

Labeling Conventions for Issues.


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