IDSA Rulebook

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Purpose & Motivation

The IDSA Rulebook serves several purposes regarding the development and operation of data spaces. The aim is to describe clearly which rules are mandatory and which are optional guidelines. This governance framework includes functional, technical, operational, and legal dimensions:

  • Guidelines for the functionality of common services are presented as well as the definition, processes, and services of specific roles.

  • Guidelines on how to implement or use a technical artifact of the IDSA.

  • Guidelines for the work and collaboration within data services.

  • Guidelines for the legal basis in compliance with the regulatory environment to ensure trust and security.

How to Contribute to IDS Rulebook?

We value your feedback and encourage all interested parties to review, comment, and contribute to the ongoing development of this Rulebook. Collaboration and open communication are essential to our success, and your input is vital to refining and enhancing the Rulebook, making it a more comprehensive and valuable resource for all. You can provide feedback on IDS Rulebook by creating an issue in this repository.

One can become a contributor by joining the Rulebook Working Group as a member of International Data Spaces Association. This is possible via contacting the co-chairs listed on IDSA Website.

Please also visit our Code of Conduct and the Contibuting information.


We maintain a Changelog to keep track of updates to the document.


The IDSA Rulebook is published under the Creative Commons License 4 CC-BY.


Please find the resources for the IDSA Rulebook on GitHub.

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