Summary and Outlook

This IDSA Rulebook version 2 recognizes the growing need for structural approaches to accessing and sharing data while maintaining data sovereignty. The use of guiding principles helps identify solutions for this growing market. It includes the understanding of the current European regulation and legislation but does not stop there as data spaces are meant to be international.

The functional analysis of both parts, the creation of a data space and the data space governance authority, as well as the requirements and obligations of a participant in a data space is a central piece of this document. The comprehensive outline provides guidance for the creation of data spaces. This is complemented by the governance view on the rights and obligations for data spaces as a whole and the data space instances.

The analysis of the legal framework for data spaces is ongoing and subject to continuous debate and will be part of this Rulebook in future versions.

IDSA and its partners are supported by the Data Spaces Support Centre (DSSC) which will offer additional guidance.

Based on the recent IDSA work, additional publications provide more insights into data spaces. The data space landscape reports on technical and semantic interoperability and will be part of future Rulebooks. The relationship between the different stakeholders in the data space landscape and how they form a comprehensive framework will be further investigated.

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