Access and usage control


This building block guarantees enforcement of data access and usage policies defined as part of the terms and conditions established when data resources or services are published (see ‘Publication and Services Marketplace’ building block below) or negotiated between providers and consumers. A data provider typically implements data access control mechanisms to prevent misuse of resources, while data usage control mechanisms are typically implemented on the data consumer side to prevent misuse of data. In complex data value chains, both mechanisms are combined by prosumers. Access control and usage control rely on identification and authentication.

CTO architecture coherence: Definition of concepts
  • Access Control

    Access control is a way of limiting access to a system or to physical or virtual resources. In computing, access control is a process by which users are granted access and certain privileges to systems, resources or information.In access control systems, users must present credentials before they can be granted access. In physical systems, these credentials may come in many forms, but credentials that can't be transferred provide the most security.

  • Usage Control

    Usage Control complements access control with contextual predicates, conditioning the activation of a given privilege, and obligations, i.e., mandatory actions associated to the exercise of a privilege.

  • PIP/Directory Service

Role and Scope

Enforces different data access and usage policies that ensure trustworthiness of data sharing and exchange between participants.


DSBA - CTO architecture coherence
  • Access Control

  • Usage Control

  • Policy rules definition language

  • Enforcement of policy rules

  • Policy administration and management

  • Definition of credentials / roles

  • Usage Control for data sovereignty

Components and Technologies

i3-Market Project
  • Blockchain Framework

  • HW Wallet

  • Explicit-User consent

  • Backplane API

Resilience and Sustainability Data Space - ADVANEO
  • IDSA and GAIA-X standards

  • ADVANEO's Trusted Data Hub

  • IDS Components: broker, connector, clearing house and app provider

Intelligent Washing Machine - Haier | Fraunhofer ISST
  • COSMOPlat

  • IDS connector

  • RFID sensor

CoatRack - IoF2020 | ATB Institute for Applied Systems Technology Bremen and Corizon
  • CoatRack is a third-party backend-to-backend communications framework facilitating API access, monitoring and monetization.

  • Open Source development, hosted in GitHub.

iSHARE Foundation
  • iSHARE Open Source Authorisation Registry and Authorization exchange structure.

    • Based on the Trust framework validated participants, parties can authorise each other data services (access control).

    • Based on explicit consent, and with licenses that are providing usage control, the licenses organise the usage control from a legal perspective and form the foundation also for technical usage control.

Tekniker - Wind Energy Data Space
  • Deployment of DataSpace Connectors as technical components responsible for the correct sharing of data between a data owner (e.g. wind farm operator) and a data user(e.g. component supplier).

  • Integration of the IDSA UPL through a Java Library in DataSpace Connectors for Usage Control Interoperability

  • Development, deployment and integration with DataSpace Connectors of a domain-agnostic Wind Farm Ontology WFOnt ( for resource description interoperability.

  • Development and deployment of a Context-aware policy analysis method that integrated in DataSpace Connectors efficiently ensure policy quality avoiding security breaches in usage control while enhancing its performance.

  • A XACML-like architecture comprising PEP, PDP, PAP, PIP functions is implemented for access control.

SmashHit project

- Consent Manager: it is a core component of the smashHit platform that includes the functionality regarding the life cycle of the consent certifications. The module interacts closely with the User Administration module since the users are the subject of the contracts. The functions include the consent certification creation, management, consent distribution among the parties.

Kraken and CS4EU projects - ATOS
  • Ledger uSelf

  • Decentralized SSI solution

  • User centric access control to marketplace

Technical Reference Implementation

Design Principles Position Paper

Enforcing Data Protection Regulations in Health Care Applications. When a company is processing patient records for the sake of accounting an billing as a service to doctors and insurances, it is thus in the interest of the company to ensure that it complies to those regulations.

CoatRack - IoF2020 | ATB Institute for Applied Systems Technology Bremen and Corizon

CoatRack is a third-party backend-to-backend communications framework facilitating API access, monitoring and monetization. CoatRack is a framework to manage backend-to-backend communication via REST services, consisting of: distributed, lightweight API gateways and a centralized web application to generate and manage those API gateways.

CoatRack can facilitate your work if you have existing REST APIs and you want to do one (or more) of the following:

  • monitoring the access to your APIs

  • authentication/authorization of calls to your APIs via API keys

  • monetization of API calls, based on pay-per-call rules or flatrates

This project was started in the scope of IoF2020 and is now part of FIWARE.

iSHARE Foundation
  • There are many existing usage of the iSHARE Framework already, with data of more than 1,5 million organisations being available today to authorise in line with the data governance act.

  • PEP and PDP functions are implemented by API gateways available in the FIWARE Catalogue. The extended version of the Kong API gateway via plugins is recommended.

  • Implementation of PAP functions used to manage policies as well as the API to access such policies by PDP functions are implemented by the Keyrock component or any Authorization Registry compliant with iSHARE specifications.

  • Portfolio of pioneer use cases relying on the i4Trust framework and the referred access control mechanisms.

Kraken and CS4EU projects - ATOS

KRAKEN project provides a decentralized SSI solution and user centric access control. - SSI mobile app for managing VCs and key material - Ledger USelf broker for SP integration - Backup service allowing the use of sevarl devices

The Ledger uSelf asset (used in KRAKEN project) provides a decentralized SSI solution and user centric access control to the marketplace. The Ledger uSelf comprises an Android SSI mobile app (holders) for users managing VCs issued by trusted entities and key material (decentralized identifiers). Also, it includes a Ledger uSelf broker (server component) for facilitating the SSI integration both with the data providers (isuers) and the Service Providers (verifiers), simplifying the handling of SSI complex protocols and mechanisms. This implementation follows W3C standards and will follow digital wallet specifications from EC (eIDAS regulation).

Business Use Cases Implementation

truzzt box

In the truzzt box your documents are always available for you and you are always in control, not even truzzt has access to your personal documents. As a verified user of your truzzt box you always know who you are dealing with, you only buy from real, verified merchants and personal data will always remain encrypted and safe. Besides. The truzzt box will automatically adapt to your usage with its artificial intelligence.

Resilience and Sustainability Dataspace - ADVANEO

Companies and organizations as users of the Resilience and Sustainability Dataspace benefit from the data-based approach of a digital infrastructure to integrate decentralized information in a protected virtual space. With this infrastructure users are either able to apply already implemented services or to develop new services supporting our users in order to gain new insights and knowledge about. In the end, this enables users to seamlessly build their own trustworthy resilience and sustainability ecosystems.

Intelligent Washing Machine - Haier | Fraunhofer ISST

Through sensors within washing machines laundry data can be collected, which enables companies to offer their consumers a better utilization of washing machines with additional services. This data is sent to COSMOPlat for optimizing washing programs through ML. The optimized washing programs are sent back to the consumers washing machines to save energy, time, and costs, as well as it reduces the carbon footprint and will lead to longer lasting garments.

Kraken and CS4EU projects - ATOS

Best practices identification and recommendations

CoatRack - IoF2020 | ATB Institute for Applied Systems Technology Bremen and Corizon

CoatRack facilitates the monetisation by API access control and monitoring, without determining the data format of content exchanged as long as the services are based on REST calls.

iSHARE Foundation
  • The Authorisation registry role is a federated role, open to data spaces to set this up specifically for specific data spaces. The role is open for organisations to either set it up themselves, but there is a growing market of market players providing commercial authorisation registry services.

SmashHit project

- Maintaining a common, well-known definition of at least the main legal terms in the consents which is accessible to all the different actors is, in our opinion, a must for this kind of system. In our case, we have chosen to base the consent manager on top of an ontology ( so that most of the process of defining the consent terms (purpose, roles, personal data categories…) is backed by this well-known model

Kraken and CS4EU projects - ATOS

The use of a SSI SDK already developed by Atos, which simplifies the embedding SSI solution, will be helpful for integrating the SSI solution with marketplace apps or legacy access systems.

Gap or what is missing?


Evolution of the FIWARE open source components used in the framework to support ABAC based on claims of Verifiable Credentials supported by issuers of requests is under way.

SmashHit project

We have not seen a clear block or feature devoted to manage the consent but we think that this is important in an Access and Usage Control, this is the reason we have added the consent Manager component, to complement the description of the Building Block

Kraken and CS4EU projects - ATOS

User consent could be included in the used VCs. LedgerUSelf is being evolved with SIOPv2 protocol ( to allow integration of existing IAM solutions which support federated identity management protocols (OpenID Connect). This will be relevant for integration of such systems in data spaces initiatives like GAIA-X which is proposing SSI solutions based on SIOP and DID Comm protocols.



Additional Information

CoatRack - IoF2020 | ATB Institute for Applied Systems Technology Bremen and Corizon
Tekniker - Wind Energy Data Space
SmashHit project

You can find information in the following document The SmashHit Guidelines will be able to find online very soon, currently in progress.

Kraken and CS4EU projects - ATOS

-Kraken project deliverable D3.2 Self-Sovereign Identity Solution Final Release. -DE4A project deliverable D5.8 Final Release of DE4A Self-Sovereign Identity Supporting Framework

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