Data Usage Accounting


This building block provides the basis for accounting access to and/or usage of data by different users. This in turn is supportive of important functions for clearing, payment, and billing (including data-sharing transactions without involvement of data marketplaces).

Role and Scope

Facilitates the basis for accounting access to and/or usage of data by different users.


DSBA - CTO architecture coherence
  • Data Exchange and Usage Logging

  • Standard information model and supporting APIs for the implementation of usage accounting, clearing house and billing functions

  • Backend components implementing usage accounting, clearing house and billing

  • Data Contracting

Components and Technologies

i3-Market Project
  • SW Wallet

  • Cloud Wallet

  • Usage accounting relies on TMF635 recommendations part of from TM Forum Open API recommendations.

Technical Reference Implementation

Design Principles Position Paper

The clearing house in the Smart Connected Supplier Network (SCSN) is used to send purchase-to-pay information in a business-to-business scenario. This information can be highly confidential and it is missioncritical for their day-to-day business. If dispute arises the clearing house is used as trusted third party to resolve this issue by comparing the fingerprint of the messages and identifying the error.

  • An open source implementation of usage accounting functions compliant with TM Forum recommendations can be found in the FIWARE Catalogue, concretely in connection to the BAE component.

Business Use Cases Implementation

Best practices identification and recommendations

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Additional Information

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