Working Group Architecture

Description: The Architecture working group aims to develop a business, security, data & service and software architecture. It’s also responsible for standardizing the main software component the IDS Connector as well as embracing existing standards and corresponding initiatives. Finally, the Architecture group is incubating the IDSA Developers Community to help IDSA architecture and technologies mature and foster their acceptance.


  • Modifying the IDS-RAM so that IDS can be used across industries

  • Verifying the different elements of the reference architecture as the basis for the IDS ecosystem

  • Implementing and testing sprint releases within user companies

  • Standardizing the IDS Connector and other components that will enable IDS to deliver on its value proposition

Who Should Attend?

  • Experts in IT architecture development and analysis

  • Colleagues who are familiar with their organization's IT infrastructure, software and systems

  • Experts in software, application or other component development

  • Open for IDSA members


  • Andreas Teuscher, SICK AG

  • Peter Koen, Microsoft

  • Arian Firouzbakhsh, IONOS



πŸ“˜ IDS Reference Architecture Model

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