IDS Meta Data Broker Requirements

The following broker requirements represent the results from multiple workshops, presentations and discussions between 2016 and 2020. It contains the agreed understanding and the foundation for the upcoming developments. As such, features may be updated for future versions.

All requirements listed under the Headings: Connector, Function, Messaging, Behavior, Business, Information and Interface are normative and required for an IDS Meta Data Broker. All requirements listed under the heading Conditional Requirements have also to be met, if the specified condition holds. In addition, there are optional requirements listed under the Profiles “Advanced Information” and “Usage Control Enabled”. Any subset of these optional requirements can be included into an IDS Meta Data Broker. Finally, we provide a list of Functions and Correlated IDS Messages relevant for an IDS Meta Data Broker. This list serves just as an overview of requirements derived in The IDS Communication Guide with additional explanations.

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