Core ids:Message class with it's properties, which are equal for all messages. For communication in the IDS, use the specific message types.

Properties of ids:Message

Table of Message Properties









Correlated message. Usually needed, if a messages responds to a previous

TODO: MessageProcessedNotification >>> MessageProcessedNotification? message. A Connector may, e.g., send a MessageProcessedNotification` as a response to an incoming message and therefore needs this property to refer to the incoming message.


The mandantory property ìds: securityToken contains (value) a token, representing a claim, that the sender supports a certain security profile. This token is called Dynamic Attribute Token (DAT), (see further explanations there), so it is an instance of ids:DynamicAttributeToken and will be provided by Dynamic Attribute Provisioning Service (DAPS).

Message Types

The table contans descriptions for each message, information about the payload as well as changes in the properties, i.e., new properties and additional mandatory properties. "Message Class" and "Message Subclass" are just for structural / hierarchical descriptions. The "Message Name" contains the actual Message which is used.

New properties, which are mandatory are marked with an (*). Existing properties, which are mandatory for a specific messages are listed in the corresponding column.

All mandatory property declarations of the core ids:Message above still hold. Optional properties are supported but not required.

Table of Message Types

Request Messages



Message requesting metadata. If no URI is supplied via the ids:requestedElement field, this messages is treated like a self-description request and the recipient should return its self-description via an ids:DescriptionResponseMessage. However, if a URI is supplied, the Connector should either return metadata about the requested element via an ids:DescriptionResponseMessage, or send an ids:RejectionMessage, e.g. because the element was not found.


Response Messages


Response messages hold information about the reaction of a recipient to a formerly sent command or event. They must be correlated to this message. May be used for messages, which are not covered by the core IDS messages.

Notification Messages



Event notifying the recipient(s) about the availability of a new connector. The payload of the message must contain the new connector's self-description.

See also: International Data Space Information Model



Collection of valid request templates can be found here.

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