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Here, you will get hints on how to set for instance usage contrains.

Data Usage Control

Data Usage Control in IDS Data Usage Control is the specification and enforcement of restrictions regulating what must (not) happen to data. It is an extension to traditional Access Control. This document (Data Sovereignty: Updated Position Paper on Data Usage Control in the IDS) provides necessary information about Data Usage Control in IDS. Link to the document
The Usage Control related libraries and applications are listed as follows:
  • Policy-Library This is the IDS policy model in Java which can read and interpret the IDS Usage Policy Language as JSON-LD. Link to the code: IDS Policy Library
  • Mydata-Translator This Java library uses the Policy-Library and translates an IDS usage policy to a MY DATA Control Technologies policy. Link to the code: MY DATA Control Technologies Translator
  • IDS-PAP This is a web application with Java back end that provides a Material-UI to support the users to specify their IDS policies. Link to the code: IDS Policy Administration Point (PAP)
  • Usage-Control-App This a Usage Control prototype application which uses MY DATA Control Technologies to manage and enforce IDS policies. The app can be called by a Camel Interceptor or can be called directly to integrate Usage Control into the IDS Connectors. Link to the code: IDS Usage Control Application