2.7 Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

Today companies make a wide use of Big Data applications. The common use case is to complement data available within the company by additional data (e.g. open data, data from other companies or data from data marketplaces). With the data portfolio extended this way, companies can benefit from significantly improved analytics results or from entirely new usage scenarios.

Alongside with Big Data applications, also Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications have become more and more mature and powerful. Companies are increasingly using AI, which has led, and will continue to lead, to an even greater demand for external data (e.g. for training of AI models). However, companies often do not have sufficient data available in-house, which is why the need for data sharing with regard to using AI will rise.

A standardized architecture for data exchange and data sharing would support the development and acceptance of both Big Data and AI applications in industry. At the same time, it is necessary to define usage policies for data sharing and retaining data sovereignty for data providers.

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